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Sample 7 v

The WARNING LETTER for The Target

This is a sample of the Warning letter to be delivered to The Target about three weeks after you have completed the penultimate performance appraisal. It should be provided along with The Replacement's List of Instructions (Sample 7 v) and the list of The Target's Immediate Action Items (Sample 7 iv). As instructed in TPG, this should be presented by The Boss at a meeting in your presence. Further, The Target should be notified of the meeting at least two days before, but should not be apprised of the purpose. This establishes the proper atmosphere and coincides very well with proven procedures originally developed by the Los Angeles Police Interrogation Unit.

TO:       The Target

FROM: The Boss

DATE:   [about a week after The Helper's statement is dated]

RE:       Memorandum of Warning

       It has recently been brought to my attention that you have been exhibiting behavior and an attitude that in inappropriate and intolerable. As examples, you have referred to me as "a fucking woman" and a "fucking bitch" in conversations with a manager in your department. You have also said that the mailroom would be more productive if it were not such a "fucking breeding factory" referring to pregnant employees in that unit. In addition, you recently offered to "rip the head off the shoulders" of one of your managers.

       Your obscene and distasteful comments are unacceptable. Any future comments by you which show disrespect to me or other members of the [organizational] community will lead to your immediate discharge for cause. Any retaliation against a member of your staff for this action will also lead to your immediate discharge for cause.

       It has also come to my attention that you have been reporting to work in the mid or late morning on a regular basis. This is unacceptable. You are directly responsible for supervising service and production areas which require you to be on site when we open for business. While the official hours of the [organization] are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, as an exempt employee, you are expected to also work any additional hours that may be required to manage your unit.

       Your disrespectful and inappropriate behavior has seriously diminished your credibility as a manager. Accordingly, I cannot rely on you for accurate information regarding your staff or the activities in your unit. Effective [ about three days from date of Warning], I have asked The Replacement, [Assistant to Lesser Honcho], to work in your unit so that I can be assured that you conduct business in a professional manner and also that your unit is meeting the needs of the [organization]. I expect you to give her your full cooperation and support.

       I expect an immediate and positive change in your behavior and management style if you want to continue at the [organization]. I strongly recommend that you schedule a time with the  Staff Assistance Program for professional assistance. Should you feel you are unable to conduct yourself in the management of your unit, I am prepared to accept your resignation at any time.


cc:    Lesser Honch
        The Captain
        Personnel File (Target's)

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