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Sample 4

The Penultimate Appraisal by The Boss
This is a sample performance appraisal that should be given to the Target just after you have confirmed The Helper's statement will be available for the "reprimand." This should be given no more than a three weeks before you intend to notify The Target of his transgressions. Of course, timing of the appraisal can be delayed up to six or seven months from when they are actually due.

Substitutions of names, departments and assignments are fine, but every attempt should be made to avoid dates and other specifics that might give rise to questions. In this sample as in others, we have used areas that appear in the other samples for continuity. You should use the same format to guarentee results.

You do a good job of managing the day to day financial and operational functions throughout your unit. Services are provided to the  community in a timely manner and departments you have been historically responsible for continue to operate in the black.

During 1994-95, you successfully assumed responsibility for merging three operations into the Office of Teleportation Services. While the unit is now under one roof, there is much to be done to streamline operations, determine the ideal service level to meet our organization's needs and to bring the revenues and expenses inline. Steps to consolidate accounting, budget and billing responsibilities for this unit into your existing organization resulted in the initial steps for reducing operating costs.

Efforts need to be continued with [the Flunky from Sample 3] to identify a means for ensuring background checks are conducted.

You need to direct Artemis Gordon in the selection, purchase and installation of storage sheds for our outlying lots to be in place for Fall '95. The Teleportation Services and General Safety departments need to work together on funding, placement and appropriate shuttle routes to ensure customer needs are met.

Your supervision of the Writing Department in revamping the general catalog resulted in a streamlined edition of 375 pages and a one-third reduction in quantity down to 18,000 volumes. Charging for catalogs other than those needed by departments and the incoming representatives has conserved paper and produced revenue via the Mail Room fulfillment program and Library sales.

You need to continue working with your Repro manager and his consultant, to develop a business plan for the Business Center in the new office center. A combination of attendant and self-service during peak periods and card accessed self-service during off-peak hours needs to be reviewed to expand convenience options and minimize labor costs. As agreed, the new operation is being equipped with a card access entrance to make these services available during the full range of New Building Center operating hours.

Your efforts to move Warehousing to a stockless stationery program is resulting in the unit offering customers the widest range of product selection at the lowest possible cost. The Warehouse customer survey provided good information on the department's strengths and weaknesses and will be helpful in evaluating stores vendors. Use of focus group in review of the warehouse vendors bid will provide The Helper with more insight into the expectations of his customers and help to build a pool of ambassadors for the department.

You handled the Dr. Smith complaint very well. The customer service/procedural issues she raised support the need to give these areas more attention in the development of Teleportation Services.

The copier lease and convenience copy program throughout the organization needs to be reviewed. With the new Business Center and the increased use of credit cards, it may be time to bring all of these units under your management. Options could include operating the Engineering copiers and charging a commission back to the unit, similar to relationships with several self- supports in areas like food service and vending. A focus group of major users could help to minimize whatever concerns or resistance that might arise.

An analysis of Repro equipment amortization needs to be conducted to ensure that appropriate reserves are being maintained and pricing structures are adequate to support operations. Teleportation also needs a complete analysis to include fleet and equipment inventories, amortization/replacement schedules and standardization of makes and models.

Concerns within the Writing Department appear to have subsided. You need to continue to work with the department on operational goals and procedures while maintaining sensitivity to interpersonal relationships.

You are technically good with personnel issues related to Union work rules, job classifications and salary guidelines. However, you seem to have difficulty dealing with those issues that involve personalities, area where you are less expert or in communicating to certain staff that certain management directives must be met and in a timely manner. The Helper's delays in providing information on staffing needs and sales in Warehousing slowed the final decision regarding the stockless stationary program.

Initial spreadsheets requested from Artemis Gordon Truxon was passed on to me in an incomplete and unusable format rather than being amended/modified in your office. You need to emphasize management priorities with department heads and emphasize the need for information to effectively plan and prepare for change. Consultation with Human Resources needs to continue and their assistance should be sought in resolving these issues.

Written communications have improved since your last appraisal. I have also noted that you bring written discussion topics to our meetings and take notes for items to be addressed within your areas. You need to continue to require a similar high-quality level of written materials from your staff and ensure that information/reports are complete before forwarding to me.

Communications during our one-on-one meetings have improved. You still need to continue to work on knowing when the discussion is over.

I look forward to your cooperation and support during the next fiscal year. You will need to continue to give interdepartmental relationships as much attention as operations if you are to be successful as a unit manager.

Most appraisal forms incorporate a "grading sheet" for specific categories and we have replicated one for your inspection. You might find it an enjoyable exercise to try and match the grades given based on the discussion above. As stated in TPG, it really doesn't matter where you put the grades as long as there are one or two marked at "Below Expectation." The grades used for this particular appraisal are at the bottom of the page. Good luck.

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