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Sample 3

The Helper's Statement

Use this as a guide or template for The Helper's allegations. Try to avoid any dates or specifics.
Also try and maintain same informal tone and note quick format. Brackets [  ] where used, indicate
an appropriate substitution should be made as fits your organization.

handwrite same date here again for effect
Type date here (use a week or two after penultimate appraisal is completed)

TO:   [a flunky working for you-VP-HR, just not The Boss]

FROM:  [The Helper]

I am writing to outline problems and concerns within [Target's area] and with [Mr. Target] in particular.

I will start with the fact that moral in [Target's area] is at an all time low.

The stress created by this individual has become unbearable. [Mr. Target's] rudeness and sarcasm and lack of direction have become legendary.

There are so many things wrong. We have very little access to him mainly because his hours are different than ours. He comes to work most days between 10:00 and 11:00. That leaves little time for the members of his unit. We do not have staff meetings in [Target's area] and have not had any for at least three years. We have individual meetings scheduled every other week. Most are not kept which means the lines of communication are bleak at best.

The situation with [the Writing Department within Target's area] is well documented and it was not a fluke. I tried to warn him well in advance that he needed to sit down with that unit and try to deal with their concerns. He didn't and we all know the results of that.

I had a similar confrontation with him in March, 20 months ago. I walked in for my yearly evaluation, and this guy was flipped out and mad at his secretary for not telling him it was raining outside because his sunroof was open, and then it went downhill from there. You can see my response to that situation on my appraisal of 18 months ago.

Some of the comments made by [Mr. Target] are sickening, In conversation with him outside of [choose place] some time ago, the subject of [the Mail Room within Target's area] and productivity was mentioned. He indicated to me that [above Target area] could be more productive if that place wasn't a "fucking breeding factory." There were three ladies who were pregnant or just had children. I was so disgusted with that comment that I mentioned it to [manager of Mail Room or whoever] and a member of my staff that same day. I should have come forward then, but I didn't, and I still regret it today.

He has also made comments to me about [The Boss], on one occasion calling her that fucking bitch and on another that fucking woman. His dislike for her is well known mainly because she is a female in a position of authority.

It has reached the point that professional staff, salaried staff and hourly employees want no contact with him and that's unfortunate. It's certainly not healthy for [Target's area] and more importantly it's not good for [ your organization].

I hope it is realized that I'm not a disgruntled employee because that is simply not the case. This feeling is prevalent throughout [Target's area].

To a point, I have been an ally of his over the years simply because I'm a people person, and hoped by trying to diffuse certain situations he would learn from it and change, and we in [Target's area] would be better for it. Well, that never happened.

The patterns of abuse as I like to call them would slow down or switch to another area after one of these confrontations.

There was one other occasion about two months ago which needs to be noted. I had met with [Mr. Target] late one afternoon, after he had lunch with a vendor. It was quite clear from his appearance and demeanor that he had been drinking. It was also quite obvious by the smell.

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