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Putting Action into Affirmative Action

Center for Increasing Representation

$ 500 REWARD
The Professional Guide's instructions and results have been reviewed and received the stamp of approval by numerous attorneys as a completely safe and effective method to train and promote less qualified minorities and or women to replace older, even good performing, white males that you terminate. We specifically note to assure your total confidence in the application of TPG, that our consultations and reviews have included more than two dozen defense and plaintiff attorneys specializing in employment and labor matters.

We are so confident in your satisfaction with TPG, that we offer a $500 reward for the name of any licensed and practicing attorney that accepts a Target white male's case on full contingency, under the scenario we have set forth in TPG and where said Target subsequently receives any compensation as a result of such representation.

Note terms and conditions apply as set for in small print however, we repeat, any compensation meaning be it via any lawful action of discrimination, 1983, wrongful termination, Title 7 and or other related employment claim matter regardless whether a result of settlement or verdict.

To enter, simply submit name of attorney and parties to case to
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small print: Offer of Reward ends April 15, 1998, case particulars must be within or subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Delaware and or within the Third Circuit Federal Court, plaintiff must be At-Will employee not represented by a collective bargaining agreement, nor a state or federal employee nor member of the National Basketball Association, only one reward will be given and final decision to be at the sole discretion of the director of CIRorg.