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Putting Action into Affirmative Action
Center for Increasing Representation
The Challenge:   Toss the TARGET and move the less qualified, lower ranking REPLACEMENT into the TARGET's higher level position as qualified without fear of a discrimination or wrongful termination lawsuit

    The Answer:   The Professional Guide   (designed by and developed by HR Professionals)

Hypothetical Organization Chart

                                                   Big Honcho
Lesser Honcho 2                                            Lesser Honcho 1
                                                                                  |-- The REPLACEMENT (Asst. Something)
                                                                                  |      (minority and or woman)
The CHIEF (you !)                         The BOSS                                 Some Other Fish
       (VP-HR)                                         |
     ____________________________ |_________________________
Other Potential                             The TARGET                             Other Possible
                                                  (old white male)
The HELPER                     Other                           Other                                   Other

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