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Putting Action into Affirmative Action
Center for Increasing Representation
We are a potential national not for profit organization dedicated to improving the representation of minorities and women in the workforce. Affirmative Action is losing its political luster and  corporate downsizing is vastly reducing opportunities to hire or promote protected class members into positions of actual responsibility. We are committed to developing new strategies to help those class members gain economic representation and preserve well deserved preferences in the workplace.
If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have created a tested and proven solution. Our current premier strategy, The Professional Guide or TPG, is designed for senior management staff  to address and resolve these issues with a minimum of effort. And in the process, gain well deserved attention in creating a truly multiculturally diverse workforce.

This method was designed by and developed for use by Human Resource professionals, VP's and above only. After all, lower level staff should not get credit for increased representation. Basically we will show easy step by step instructions that will allow you to replace any older, white male with a less qualified, possibly younger, minority and or women of your choosing and at a time convenient for you. And you will be able to do this without concern for legal consequences and or even having to advertise for a soon to be vacant position.

The Professional Guide
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