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PRESS RELEASE-Christmas 97
New Brunswick Plating

Guess where in New Jersey

If it doesn't move, we can plate it
If it does, that's just a little more

New Brunswick Plating announced a breakthrough in plating technology today. Utilizing the vast resources within the company's R & D department, Ms. Bobbie Sica, VP for Smoke and Mirrors at NBP issued a statement indicating the company had developed a gold plating process for raincoats. Initial results indicate the methodology also affords excellent alcohol resistance. Commercial applications are expected for Spring 1998 with Lord & Taylor  and Talbots at the head of the line. Ms. Sica did suggest the first tests did not go without problems though. In one of the first actual production tests it was discovered the coat should be plated without someone in it. She stated it was only a minor technicality that resulted in a small inconvenience. Apparently the process creates a temporary metaphysical electrical corona as a byproduct. This corona results in the ability of an appendage of the platee to pass through and actually join into another body. Ms. Sica felt that difficulty will easily be overcome in the near future. NBP is pursuing talks with major medical research facilities.

For further information on this and other really exciting plating news, Ms. Sica can be reached at
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Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to All
and for Zelda, Doffy and Bob:
Hi Folks ! Love, D2
oh, yea, Nickle too