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The Official
Send Mike to Somewhere
Back in 1984, it was not so much a send Mike to Hawaii meeting as much as just keep Mike in Hawaii. Obviously that didn't work the way it was supposed to and we had to bring him back to New York. Hawaii as it appeared in 1984That worked for a while until by a stroke of luck, which took till 1998 of course, we were able to send him off to Japan. While it may have taken some 14 years to accomplish, the point here is we now have him twice as far away.
What is interesting to note in these photos is that the same people are in both. Hard to realize, but that's probably what makes it interesting. The two people on the left in Photo 1 are unbelievably enough the same two people on the right in Photo 2. Medical science was able to accomplish this. And as an example of what happens when youNew York as it appears in 1998 don't take vitamins and are subject to the aging process, the two people on the right of Photo 1 are the same two people on the left in Photo 2.

There is no good reason to include this photo other than as some sort of advertisement for Crest toothpaste and the success of fluoride in the United States.

Who Knows What This Represents

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